Nothing On

Digital single available on Bandcamp

Nothing On is a song by Gareth Williams, dating from the late 
1980’s, which has not yet had an official release but has been 
widely heard and seen through a video which was part-finished 
while Gareth was alive and completed by the filmmaker Colin 
Harrison as a tribute, after Gareth’s death. It has become a fan 
favourite amongst the small amount of material available not on 
the Flaming Tunes album and when Officer! played the 2015 
Blackest Ever Black anniversary gig at the ICA, it was one of the 
three FT/Williams tracks that were included in the set and the 
only track from that gig not included in the ’Never Mind The 
Bucket’ live document LP as the band wasn’t happy with the 
performance – there was always a thought in mind to do a 
definitive studio version in tribute and the opportunity came 
during sessions for an as-yet unreleased project recorded 
in France during 2017. 

”Nothing On celebrates the love of making music above all else” 
Mary Currie.

Mary Currie – lead vocal 
Mick Hobbs – acoustic guitar, percussion loop 
Joey Stack – piano, keyboard, backing vocal 
Tilly Bean – bass, backing vocal 
Alison Craig – backing vocal 
Celia Morgan – tuba 
Lisa Lavery – synth 
Oli Pyper – wooden bucket 

Recorded and mixed 06/04/17 
at Chaudelande Studios, France by Manu Laffeach 
Produced by Mick Hobbs 
Mastered by Andrew Jacques 
Music and words by Gareth Williams, arranged by Officer!

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